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S.S.C Exam Result 2017 Published | All Education Board Gov in Bangladesh

Final Updates about the SSC Result 2017 Bangladesh for All Education Board:
Generally the SSC Result 2017 Publish date select by the Ministry of Education and Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Some different Process is available to collect the SSC Result from anywhere. Please feel free to read this Full content to get the SSC Exam Result 2017 Bangladesh All Education Board Exam results upodates.

The SSC Exam History, Definition And Resource of 2017:
We know! All the Public SSC Examination Bangladesh divided into two categories. One of the Theory Exam and another is Practical Exam. The Theory exam Divided into two sub categories like the Written and Objective (Multiple Choice). Whole Exam powered by the education Board Bangladesh. There is Ten Different Education Board in Bangladesh. All Board Chairman Take Control the SSC Exam under all Exam Center.

Different Education Board follows Different Rules to completing the SSC Exam. They Make a Privacy Policy that mean Terms and Condition about the SSC Exam Maintenance and Controls. Here the Board Chairman Make a seminar with all the Exam Center Head and other Desire Executive. After completing each exam head of the Center send the Answer Sheet to the UNO or DC office instantly. Then it will carry to Education Board Bangladesh. After completing the Written Exam, The Practical Exam has taken by the Examine. Here the Examinee selected by the Board Executive and head of the Center.
Meaning of SSC Examination = Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C).
SSC Exam Result 2017 All Education Board Exam in Bangladesh
History of Secondary School Certificate Exam

In 2017, the SSC exam started on the 1st February 2017 and it was continue until the 8th March 2017. With a long Exam Process the Exam was closed. 

What is SSC Exam Result Mark Distribution System?
Here we add the entire available Subject on the SSC Exam 2017 with full Marks and Distribution of the Marks. It will help you to get the Concepts about the Question about entire Subject on the SSC Exam 2017. So, check below the information from the Table about the SSC Exam result 2017 Mark Distribution.

Subject Name Full Marks Marks Distributions Bangla 1st Paper 100 Creative Writing: 60 Marks

Multiple Choice: 40 Marks Bangla 2nd Paper 100 Writing Test: 60 Marks

Multiple Choice:  40 Marks General Mathematics 100 Creative Question: 60 Marks

Multiple Choice:  40 Marks English 1st Paper 100 Reading Test: 50 Marks
Writing Test: 50 Marks English 2nd Paper 100 Grammar Test: 60 Marks
Composition: 40 Marks Accounting 100 Creative Writing: 60 Marks
Multiple Choice:  40 Marks Finance & Banking 100 Creative Writing: 60 Marks
Multiple Choice:  40 Marks Physics, Chemistry, Biology &  Agricultural 100 Creative Writing: 40 Marks
Multiple Choice:  35 Marks
Practical: 25 Marks Higher Mathematics 100 Creative Writing: 40 Marks
Multiple Choice:  35 Marks
Practical: 25 Marks
History, General Science, Social Science, Islamic studies & others. 100 Creative Writing: 60 Marks
Multiple Choice:  40 Marks

Here is the some common subject SSC Mark Distribution. If you have another Subject which may miss on there, please tell us. We will add here as soon as possible.

When Publish Date SSC Result 2017 Bangladesh? 
It is a common Question which is asked by the People that when will the SSC Result 2017 Publish. Everyone knows that Any Government Public Exam Result will publish after the 60 Days from Exam Completed or Within the 90 Days of Exam Duration. The SSC Exam 2017 Started on 1st February 2017. From this day, the 90 days carry to 1st Week of May 2017. Another query is, After Completing the Exam 60 days. So, it will carry the date of Second Week of May 2017.

But, the Ministry of Education Bangladesh and Prime Minister of Bangladesh can Change the Result Publish date any time if they wish.  Remember that, we will also add the Fixed Result Publish date on here instantly when we will get any update. We highly recommend you to visit this page again to get more information and latest update about the SSC Result 2017 Bangladesh Govt All Education Board Publish date and result Collection Process.

How to get SSC Result 2017 Govt All Education Board?
It is very easy to get all Education Board Result. We are also adding here the all available options of Collecting Process. You may know that there is Ten Education Board Available in Our Country. The Visitor of our Site may come from different Location. They need to collection Their SSC result 2017 from Different Education board. To save the valuable time of our Visitor, We have included here all the process for Check SSC result 2017. Please make sure that you have available sufficient time to get the result easily with Internet, SMS and Android Apps. Get below the Education Board Wise SSC Result 2017.

The SSC Examinee of Dhaka Education Board will get the SSC Result 2017 Dhaka Board Directly Clicking on the Dhaka Education board Result Portal. Here Dhaka Education Board Make this Portal to make the Server easy for providing the SSC Result 2017. Dhaka Education Board Bangladesh Different Result portal is  After visiting this Link, the Examinee must require to fill up the info to get their Result. Dhaka Education Board Default result portal provides two categories result like the Roll Number wise Individual Result and Institute EIIN Code number wise Full Institute result. You can follow any one step out of two to get your SSC Result 2017 Dhaka Education Board.

The Students who are unreachable from the Internet connection can easily get their result from the Mobile SMS. It is another Simple and Easy Step to collect the SSC Result 2017. All Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Operators are Eligible to this Result Collection Method. If you want to follow this Rules to get the SSC Exam Result 2017 Dhaka Education Board, Just Recharge Your mobile First. Because, you need to send a Message to 16222 Number with the require information for getting the SSC Result 2016 from any Mobile phone. The SMS Format or method is very easy. Just follow now and try yourself.

Go to your Message option and type SSC<take a space>DHA (here, DHA is the 1st Three Letters of Dhaka Education Board) <take a space>723613 (Your 6 Digit SSC Board Roll Number) <take a space>2016 (SSC Exam or passing Year). Then send the Message Directly to 16222 from any Operator Number. You will be charge 2.38 BDT for Per Successful SMS. After Sending the Message, You Will Receive a confirmation SMS with Your Result from 16222 as soon as possible. The incoming SMS Receive Duration Depends on Various Factor like the Network clearance, SMS Serial and Server Response. Only one Single SMS enough to get 1 Result.

There is another System available for getting the SSC Result 2017 Dhaka Education Board Bangladesh. Android Smartphone users can collect their SSC Result 2017 with BD Result Android Apps. Now a day, there are too many Smartphone users available to use internet on their Smartphone. They can install a Result Apps which will help you to collect the SSC Result 2017 easily. Android users must require Installing this Apps from Google Play Store.

If fail to Install Directly from Google Play Store. You can also download the Apk version of the BD Result Apps which Powered by TeleTalk from different Sources. Just Visit to Apkd Downlaod site like > search BD Result Android Apps on the Search Box and Press Enter. Then you will get a large number of Results about the BD result Android Apps. Follow some Result and Download the Apps. After complete the Downloading, Install it in your Device or Android. After completing installation, Wait for the Result publish. When the SSC Result 2017 will publish, you will able to collect your Result from the pre-Installed Android Apps. It is also free but your handset Data connection Must Require to turn on. After open the Apps, You will look the same format of Education Board Result Collection Portal. Then Select and add the Desire Information and click on the Submit Button. You will then able to get your SSC Result 2017 on Your Android Smartphone.

This is the main part for the Chittagong Education Board SSC Examinee and their Guardians. Not only them but also for the people who are really waiting to get the Chittagong Education Board SSC result 2017. Like Dhaka Education Board, You will able to get the Chittagong Education Board Result from the Internet Website, SMS and the Android Apps Method. We are describing the Whole System here to make yourself Clear.

You can easily collect your SSC Result 2017 Chittagong Education Board Easily from the Chittagong Board Official Website. Chittagong Education Board Make a different Server on their Education Board for Provide the public Result Super-fast. Do you know the Chittagong Board Official Result collection link? If no, Just Save the Link to get your Result instantly when wills the Result publish. The Chittagong Board Result Collection link is

When wills the Result Publish by the Education Board Bangladesh, you will able to collect your SSC Result 2017 Chittagong Education Board from this Link. It is very easy, so that anyone can collect their Result from here. After visiting this Web link, you must choose an option from two available.
One is for the people who want to get their Individual Result by Providing Roll Number. Another process is for the Teacher or Head of the Institute or Headmaster or Principal of Any Institute. The Students or their Guardians must need to click on the Individual result to get their Result by Entering SSC roll Number. The other Person can Collect Full Institute Result by clicking on the Institute based Result. Then follow the Instruction and get your Result instant.

SMS Result Collection Method is also available on the Chittagong Education Board. The people who don’t have any Internet Connection and Internet Connectivity based Device can follow this easy Step to get their SSC Result 2017 from their Mobile Phone they use. Normal or the branded Mobile Phone is not any fact in here. To get the Chittagong Education Board SSC Result 2017 from Mobile SMS, just follow the Instruction and send a message to the Desire number. 1st make sure that you have sufficient balance in your Mobile Account.

If available, Just go to your Message Option and type SSC<give a space> CHI (CHI is the 1st three letters of Chittagong Education board) <give another space>656565 (Your Six Digit SSC Roll number) <one more space> 2017 (The SSC Exam or passing year). Then send the Message to 16222 from any operator Mobile Number. You will be charged 2.38 TK for one SMS. You will receive your result after a while if the SMS send with the Right format. Please, make sure that you must send the Message only after the SSC Result 2017 Publish by the Education Board Bangladesh.

Chittagong Education Board Examinee can also get their Result from the Android Apps. The Complete tutorial about the Android Apps we have provided above. Please Return back now and read again about the SSC result 2017 Chittagong Education Board. So, Enjoy now the SSC Result Govt All Education Board 2017.

SSC Vocational result is the first Public result under the Bangladesh technical Education Board (BTEB). Generally, the Admission started on from Class Nine on the technical Education Board. The Students, who admit on the SSC Vocation Institute, Need to continue their Study Two Education year for attending the SSC Vocational Exam. Here the Student who available on here to get SSC Vocational Result 2017, the admitted ion the Class Nine into the SSC Vocational Institute on 2014. The SSC Vocational Result Collection Process is very easy. Anyone can collect their own result or others Result from here.

If you want collect your SSC Vocation Exam result 2017 under the Bangladesh technical Education Board from the Internet, Just Visit and follow the instruction. When you will visit this Link, you will look the Home page of BTEB. Then need to choose the Result Menu from the top right Side Middle Corner. When you will click on the Result Menu, you will look a sub menu with Different Items of result. Then click on the SSC vocational Result to get your Result Instantly.

You are also able to get the SSC Vocational Result 2017 from the Mobile SMS. It is also very easy and need to do simple process. If feel better to get your SSC Vocational Result 201 from Your Mobile SIM which one you use, Just Go to your message option and type SSC<space>BTE (BTE=Bangladesh Technical Education Board)<space> 157172 (SSC Vocational 6 Digit Roll Number) <space> 2017 (SSC Vocational passing Year). Then Send the Message to 16222. You will be charged 2.38 TK per Successful Sending. A Single Message is enough for get one result Collection. You will receive a Message with Your Result number instantly (Sometimes it takes several Times).  Please Send the Message for SSC Vocational Result 2017 only After the Result publishes that mean After 2 PM.

Android Smartphone users, who install the BD Result Apps on their Device, can easily get the SSC Vocation Result 2017 on these Apps. By Installing the BD Result Apps Powered by Teletalk, You will able to collect all the available Education Board Result 2017 via the One Click. If you don’t install this great one, Please visit Google Play Store and Install first for collecting the SSC Vocational Result 2017 tension free.

Here is an important message is available to tell you. You can also collect your SSC Vocational Result 2017 Full Mark sheet on your Mobile SMS and via the Internet. Mobile SMS Method follower must require to Send Message for Result with the same format after 6 PM. The Internet users can also get their SSC Vocational Result 2017 Full mark sheet from the Internet from Education Board Result Archive. The full Results will transfer to Archive after 6 PM on the Result day.

Dakhil is the equivalent of SSC. The Dakhil Result 2017 is similar with the SSC Result 2017. Generally, there is an only changed that the Dakhil Result Powered and maintenance by Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board and the SSC result 2017 powered and maintenance by the General Education board. Only this Simple change carries between the Dakhil and SSC. Currently, a lot of Madrasah is available on anywhere of Bangladesh. So, the Dakhil Examinee 2017 is more! Here now we will describe all available Process about How to get the Dakhil result 2017?

The 1st point for collecting the Dakhil result 2017 is Madrasah Education Board from the internet Website. Madrasah Education Board has their Own Official Website. Do you know the Madrasah Education board Official Website Address? If yes just Visit the Link and get your result. If not, just remember this. The Official Web Address of Bangladesh Madrasah Education board is After visiting this Link, Click on the Result Button from the right Sidebar. On the Result Menu/button will will look two Sub menus those are the Dakhil result and Alim Result. So, Select the Dakhil Result to get your Real Time result.

There are some necessary information is available to collect your madrasah Board Dakhil result 2016 from the internet. You need to enter the Dakhil roll Number, Require choosing the passing year and some others. Just fill-up all the Info and click on the Submit button.

Madrasah Board Students are also eligible to get their Dakhil Result 2017 from Mobile SMS. You may know that there are 6 Mobile Operators are available. You can send the Message to receive the Result from any one of these. SMS format is same like the SSC Result SMS Method. All the Private Mobile Operator collect Result from Teletalk Banagladesh limited the Only Government Mobile Operator in Bangladesh.

Just Complete the SMS Format with Dakhil<space>MAD (1st Three Letters of madrasah Education Board) <space>203040 (Examinee 6 Digit Roll Number) <space> 2017 (Exam or Passing Year) and send to 16222. All Mobile Operator Number will be charged 2.38 TK for One Successful SMS sending. After Sending the Message, You will Receive another feedback SMS with Your GPA.
Launch your Android Apps to collect the Dakhil Result 2017 very fast. The Android Apps Result Collection System is work as the reserved option. If you fail to collect the Dakhil Result 2017 from the Internet, or don’t receive the Incoming SMS with Result, then you can try to get the Result with Android Apps. We hope that you will get your Result Instantly.

SSC Result 2017 Jessore Education Board will publish on the 04 of May 2017. There are 10 Education Board in Bangladesh. All the Available Education Board will publish their Result at the same times on Education Board Result Portal Online. In this part of this valuable content, we will provide you some concept about the SSC Result 2017 Jessore Education Board. Jessore Board is known as the Digital Education Board in Bangladesh.
Jessore Board is the First Education Board who provides manual result Server to Collect the Public Exam result easily from their Website without any problem. Then the Others Education Board follows Jessore Board and makes the same System for Provide Extra Priority to the Jessore Board Students and their Guardians.

If you are really looking for the SSC Result Govt All Education Board 2017, just Visit to and follow the Instruction details. You will also get the SSC Result 2016 by visiting the Jessore board Official Website and follow the result menu from Top Manu button. Then Click on the Sub Menu SSC. The Enter your Requirement like the SSC roll Number. Then Click On the Submit Button.
You are also able to get the SSC Result 2017 Jessore Education Board from the Education Board Bangladesh Computer Center. Here, Computer center mean Result Archive. Just visit to the Education Board Result Official Website Bangladesh and try to collect your Result.

The Jessore Board Students can Get Their Public Result from any Mobile Operator Mobile Number by Sending a SMS. The SMS Sending process is Very easy and a simple charge just 2.38 BDT. Follow the Message format to get your SSC Result 2017 Very fast. Type, SSC <space> JES (here, JES=the 1st Three Letters of Jessore Education Board Name) <space>098098 (6 Digit SSC Roll Number) <space> 2017 (SSC Passing or SSC Exam Year). Then Send the Message Directly to 16222. You will receive your result as soon as possible after sending the Successful SMS.

As an Example, Imagine you are a Student (SSC Examinee) of Jessore Education Board. Your SSC Roll number is 098098. Your SSC Exam Year is 2017. Now your SSC result 2017 Jessore Board will publish today after 2 PM. It’s the time to get your Exam Result. Now wait for the time when will your Result Publish, Then Send the Message with:
SSC JES 098098 2016 to 16222. When you will send this Message Request to Teletalk Result Portal for getting your Jessore Board SSC Result 2017 super-Fast, you will receive an incoming Message from 16222 with Your Name and GPA only. You will receive the details Result after 6 PM.

Dinajour is the Last Education Board in Bangladesh. The First SSC Batch of Dinajpur Education Board attends the Exam on 2009. The Result Collection process of SSC Result 2017 Dinajpur Education Board is Very easy from all the Available ways. Just you must complete the Process Step by Step. You may also know that the SSC is the largest Public Exam in Bangladesh. There are no public exam in Bangladesh are as big as SSC. It is now very Simple Issue for the Education Board Result Server Down on the SSC Result. A large Number of Visitor Visit the Site on these days makes a Pressure to the Server (Web Host).

To avoid this, we highly recommend you to use the Different Result Collection process to get your Dinajpur Education board SSC result 2016. Though we will first describe about the SSC Result 2017 Dinajpur Education Board by the Internet but also suggest you to collect the SSC Result 2016 by the Mobile SMS and the Android Apps. If you want to get your SSC result 2017 from the Internet, just read the below information and collect first.

The Examinee or their guardians must require to visiting from their internet connectivity available devices. Then you will look a Window where available a table. The table includes some information like Result type, Board name, Roll Number, Passing Year and a Security Question. You must require to Provide a complete Answer and Click on the Submit Button. When you will click on the Submit button, you will get your Result instantly for free. You can check unlimited SSC result 2016 out of cost.

There is a common option or feature is available for the Dinajpur Board Students. That is the SSC Result 2017 Dinajpur Education Board by Mobile SMS. Any Mobile Operator number id Eligible to Collect the SSC result 2017 by the Mobile Phone SMS. You may know that the SSC result and other Public Result publish on Mobile SMS by the Teletalk Bangladesh limited (Only Government Mobile Operator in Bangladesh). The Others Private Mobile Operator gets the result live from Teletalk.

Do you know the SMS Format (Method) for Collecting the Dinajpur Education Board SSC Result 2017? It is the Most Important Point of this content Part. Just open your SMS option and type a Short Message with SSC<space> DIN<space>668800<space>2017 and Send to 16222. Here, DIN= the 1st Three letters of Dinajpur Education Board Bangladesh. 668800= the Examinee 6 Digit SSC Roll Number and 2017 is the SSC Passing or Exam Year. Every SMS require 2.38 BDT as the Charge. So, Send the Message with Right Format. If you successfully send the message to 16222, you will receive your Result with the Roll number you use instantly. Sometimes, it may take a several times.
Android Smartphone users of Dinajpur Education Board BD can easily collect their SSC Result 2017 Dinajpur Education Board from their Android Apps. The Android Apps Result Collection Process is same to collect the SSC result via the Internet. If you don’t have the BD Result (Powered By Teletalk) Android Apps on your Android, Just Install it from Google Play Store or Download the Apk File from other Website. Then install it on your Device to Get All Education Board public Result. Make sure that you must have the Data Connection turn on to collect the Education board Result Bangladesh.

Here, in this Part of Article we are describing about the SSC Result 2017 Barisal Education Board. If you are a SSC Examinee 2016 of Barisal Education Board and really looking for the SSC result 2017, we are really sorry for the inconvenience. But, here you will get all the necessary information about How to collect Barisal Education board SSC Result 2017 from the Internet, Mobile SMS and Via Android Apps for free. Different people look different method and their choice is too difficult. So Read the below method you may like to collect your or your nearest someone’s SSC result 2017 Barisal Education board.

Firstly, we will describe about one Popular Search Query that how I can get Barisal board SSC Result Very fast. There are a large number of SSC Examinee 2017 ask to as about this question. If you also may looking for the easy to get Barisal Board Result by the Internet, You need to Read this Part. Two different options are available to get the Result from the Internet. One of the methods is get the SSC result 2017 Barisal Board by visiting and follow the instruction to get the Barisal board result 2016.

Another option of Barisal Board result collection is the Official Website of Barisal Education board. You can visit the Barisal Education Board official Website and Click on the result Menu. Then you will find some Sub-menu. The Sub-menu contains JSC, SSC and HSC Results. You need to click on the SSC result to get your SSC Result 2017.

You can send a Message to 16222 from your Mobile Number to get your Barisal Board SSC Result 2017 on your mobile. Open your Message Option and type SSC<space>BAR<space>113355<space>2016 to 16222. Here, BAR is the 1st three letters of Barisal Education Board. 113355 is the Examinee 6 Digit SSC Roll Number and 2017 is the SSC Passing year. Send one Message from One Mobile Number for a Specific Roll Number result collection.

The SSC result 2017 Rajshahi Education board will publish on the same times with All Other Education Board. It will also publish on the Education Board Bangladesh Official Result portal and Teletalk Bangladesh limited SMS Result Collection portal. Rajshahi Board Students, SSC Examinee 2017 and their Guardians can collect the SSC Result 2017 with various Processes.

Everyone needs to know that Bangladesh is a poor country. Till now, there are too much poor family is available who have no Mobile Phone, Smartphone and other Internet connectivity based Devices. There is a question, how to get SSC result 2017 Rajshahi Board without Internet, SMS or Android Apps? Now a day, The Board Authority sends a copy of Result Directly to the DC of per District. The DC Divided the Result Thana based and Send to UNO Office. And the UNO send the Result Directly to UP or Head of the Institute. All the Process completed within 5-10 minutes. So, collect your SSC result 2017 Rajshahi Board from head of the Institute you read on.

You can also visit the cyber café to collect your SSC Result 2016 easily if you are expert on internet browsing. On the result day, Some IT Shop and Community Information center (CIC) open a Service to Check the Result with a fixed Cost. You can visit these Place to get your SSC Result 2017 Rajshahi Board easily.
You may also able to get your SSC Result 2017 with your Mobile SMS (if Available). Just go to your Message option and type SSC<space>RAJ<space>123123<space>2017. And send the Message to 16222. Remember that, here RAJ means the Rajshahi Education Board. 123123 is the Examinee SSC Roll Number and 2017 is the SSC passing year. Every SMS, You will be Charged 2.38 TK.

Sylhet Education Board SSC Result 2017 collection process is Very easy from the other Government Education board in Bangladesh. The Reason of easy is that, Sylhet Education Board has another default Result Portal. On this portal they only publish the Real time result. Real time Result mean the SSC result when will the SSC result Publish on, the HSC Result when will the HSC Result publish on or the JSC. So, you can easily collect your SSC Result 2017 Sylhet Education Board. Do you know the Sylhet board SSC Result 2017 collection direct link? If no, just Save the Link from below: While you will Visit the link, You will redirect on the Result Place. There you need to enter your roll number and click on the Submit Button. You will get the SSC Result 2017 of Entering Roll Number for Free. You can also collect the SSC Result 2017 Sylhet Board by Institute (School) EIIN or Code Number. In this system, you will get Whole School or Institute result on a single page.
Get Sylhet Board SSC Result 2017 from your Mobile Phone with a SMS. Go to the Message option on your Mobile and type SSC<space>SYL<space>098765<space>2017. Then Send the message to 16222. Here, the Short Version of Word carries a full version. That means, SYL is the 1st Three Letters of SYL education Board, 098765 is the Examine SSC Board Roll Number and the 2017 is the Examinee Passing year. So, Send the Message from any Number to get the result.

If you Read the Full content about the all available method for collecting the SSC result 2017 Education Board Bangladesh. All of the Ways will help you to get the SSC Result 2017 Comilla Education Board. Comilla Education Board Students can collect their SSC Result 2017 from the Education Board Official Website, Via the Mobile Phone SMS and Android Apps (Applicable for Smartphone users).

Get the short description about the all process:
Visit the official Website of Comilla Education Board and click on the result Tab. Then Select the SSC Result. Follow the require instruction and Submit the Application. You will get your SSC Result 2017 Comilla Board very fast. You can also visit the Education Board Bangladesh official Website Result Archive to get All Board SSC Result 2017 with the Comilla Education Board.

You can also Use Mobile SMS Method to get the SSC Result 2017 Comilla Education Board. Just go to the Message Option you the Mobile Phone you use, and the type the below format. SSC<space>COM<space>232323<space>2016 and send the message to 16222. Please replace the Word 232323 with your Comilla Board SSC Roll Number. Here, the COM is the 1st 3 Letters of your Education board name, 2016 is your SSC Passing year. You will be charged BDT 2.38 per SMS. You can also able Check out the SSC Result 2017 All Education Board exam by Android Apps.

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